How to select the perfect all-terrain or off-road tire?

How to select the perfect all-terrain or off-road tire?

If you own a pickup truck, you have undoubtedly wondered about the choice of tires for your vehicle. Whatever the reasons that will motivate your final decision, whether it is more for aesthetic reasons or to meet practical needs, tires are not an element to be taken lightly, especially for the category of trucks often used for off-road driving.

Learn how to make an informed choice and discover our best Cooper models, specifically designed to meet the needs of pickup truck drivers.

Features of a good all-terrain and off-road tire

When selecting tires for your pickup truck, one of the parameters to consider is traction capability. A good all-terrain tire should have a high traction capability to provide optimal grip on challenging surfaces such as mud, snow, sand, and rocks.

It should also be more durable than models designed for traditional cars to withstand punctures or impacts that are more frequently encountered on rough roads.

Better durability comes with better resistance. Quality tires for your pickup truck mean the chance to keep them longer despite use on all types of terrain. Finally, make sure they are versatile and suitable for a wide variety of roads.

Pay special attention to comfort and safety. A good all-terrain or off-road tire should be able to perform under different weather conditions. The tread pattern should help reduce the risk of hydroplaning and provide self-cleaning functions to avoid mud and dirt buildup on the tires. Quality off-road tires will allow you to drive smoothly and in the best possible conditions even when you are on very rough roads.

Some tire models offer both on and off-road use, while others are specialized for off-road use. In the latter case, attention can also be paid to reinforced sidewalls which provide additional protection against tears and cuts. Some off-road-only models may also feature deeper lugs for better traction on soft surfaces, as well as to help evacuate mud, snow, and sand.

How to choose the right all-terrain or off-road tire?

All the elements mentioned above are important and should be considered. However, don't forget to match them with your reality and usage.

Don't always rely on the cheapest solution. Pickup trucks represent a category with specific needs and therefore require high-quality tires. While it is not necessary to invest in a high-end tire, make sure that the chosen model is approved for the actual use you will make of it.

A few questions to ask yourself before making a decision: what type of road will you mainly be driving on? Is it for daily or occasional use? Do you primarily want to drive on roads, move around, or do you have needs in terms of load capacity and transporting goods? All of these elements will help you determine which models are likely to meet your needs.

To help you, we have selected all-terrain and off-road tires from Cooper, a leader in the truck tire industry.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT et AT3 XLT

The Cooper DISCOVERER AT3 LT is an all-season summer all-terrain tire designed for transporting heavy loads. It has a more robust shoulder which will offer better traction on the off-road and resistance to aggression and punctures. Even Wear Arc technology will optimize tire contact on the road to ensure even wear. The "Whisper Groove" allows the tire to offer a quiet ride. It is a tire specially designed for vans. If you are looking for a tire with an aggressive tread and for transporting heavy loads with exceptional resistance, this tire is for you.

Cooper Discoverer HT3

The Cooper DISCOVERER HT3 is an all-season summer tire molded with 4 large grooves on the circumference to guarantee maximum safety against aquaplaning. The 3D Micro-Gauge sipes will allow the tire to maintain traction and stability on wet roads. In addition, its continuous shoulder ribs will provide the tire with superior resistance against irregular wear and provide a quiet ride. It is a tire specially designed for vans.

Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx

The Cooper DISCOVERER S/T MAXX is an all-season summer all-terrain tire. It is specifically designed for off-road use and may not necessarily be suitable for drivers with a high need for versatility. However, this feature makes the Discoverer S/T Maxx a tire of great quality and robustness. The design of the so-called 4-5 hybrid tire will offer noise reduction and even wear. This tire is fitted with stone-ejection ribs and its compound allows better resistance to cuts and chips. This tire can be studded. It is a tire specially designed for vans. If you are traveling on difficult surfaces with your van and are looking for good performance on the roads, this tire is for you!

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Traction - dry road

Dry-road traction is a tire's ability to brake effectively and respond well to the steering wheel on dry roads.

Traction - wet road

Wet traction is a tire's resistance to hydroplaning and its ability to provide safe driving in wet conditions.

Traction - snowy road

Snow-covered road traction is a tire's ability to operate on partially or completely snow-covered pavement.

Traction - icy road

Ice traction is a tire's ability to operate on partially or completely ice-covered pavement.


Durability refers to how many kilometres a tire can go before it stops performing.


Comfort refers to the ride quality of a tire and the noise it emits on the road.