Trailer tires and wheels: How do you choose?

Why would you need to buy trailer tires?

Maybe you’re about to hit the road for your summer 2022 road trip, you’ve decided to take on an outdoor project or renovation, or maybe it’s simply time to swap out the tires on your current trailer.


Trailers are having a major moment right now and the trend is showing no sign of stopping. With camper sales continuing to climb and the undeniable popularity of home improvement projects of all kinds, you can imagine how important it is to choose your trailer tires with care.

Trailer tires: Everything you need to know

Choosing the right tires

While there are models out there that are similar to passenger tires, brands are becoming more and more innovative and adapting to the growing enthusiasm for trailers of all kinds.

There are two main categories of trailer tires on the market: off-road and all-terrain. It’s important to select your tires according to the routes and roads you plan to drive on.


Maintaining your trailer tires

Here are a few guidelines to help keep your tires in good condition:

  • Never overload your trailer. Respecting the maximum load is crucial in order to prevent your wheels from becoming worn. It will also help ensure a safe ride.
  • Monitor your tire pressure and follow manufacturer guidelines. Vigilance is key. Don’t underestimate your trailer’s needs because it doesn’t have an engine. A trailer needs just as much care and attention as your car does.
  • If your trailer isn’t going to be used for an extended period, raise it off the ground and remove its wheels if possible, just as you would with a car or SUV. This is especially important for trailers, as they carry significant weight and are more likely to be left unused for extended periods.

Different trailer tire brands

Once you understand the main characteristics of a trailer tire, it’s a good idea to look at the products that are available on the market.

Several brands stand out from the crowd, offering a wide variety of models or adding a specific model to their passenger tire line. 


Without a doubt, this brand has the largest choice of trailer tires. Whatever your needs or goals, Carlisle has the right tire for your trailer. Check out the models available on here.

The brand's star models include :


With its Endurance line, Goodyear sets itself apart by offering a trailer tire designed to help you tow with confidence. Learn more here.

Other interesting options include GT Radial’s MAXMILER ST model and Triangle’s ST TR653 RADIAL model.

Enjoy this exclusive promotion for your trailer tires: 

Buying wheels and rims for trailers

As you can see, choosing and buying wheels for your trailer can be a complex and sometimes daunting task. That being said, once you have the right information, and thanks to the ever-expanding collections available from manufacturers, making the right choice is getting easier.

Before you dive into buying new trailer tires, make sure to consider the following points:

Pay attention to tire sizes!

Don’t hesitate to call on a Point S professional to help you make the right choice and avoid any missteps when it comes to size. You can refer to your rim size as a guide—this is what tire sizes are based on. While rim size will give you a good idea of what you need, the safest solution is to ask an expert. They’ll be happy to help.

Don’t forget about the rims!

Choosing the right rims is just as important as your choice of tires. If you choose the wrong type, rims can make driving unsafe or even dangerous. Once again, don’t hesitate to consult a professional to avoid making mistakes.

Final words

Buying trailer wheels is not something you should put off or take lightly. Wheels can make the difference between an easy, enjoyable drive and a difficult or even dangerous one. Whether you have a camper, an RV, or another type of trailer, you can make an informed choice by considering the points discussed in this article.

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Traction - dry road

Dry-road traction is a tire's ability to brake effectively and respond well to the steering wheel on dry roads.

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Wet traction is a tire's resistance to hydroplaning and its ability to provide safe driving in wet conditions.

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Comfort refers to the ride quality of a tire and the noise it emits on the road.