How and Why Should You Recycle Your Used Tires?

Did you know that there are many recycling programs across Canada for old tires? In Québec, RECYC-QUÉBEC has been running its program for 28 years now.

In most of provinces, fees from $3 to $13 are charged on the purchase of new tires to ensure proper disposal of used tires.    

In addition to creating jobs and businesses, the program supports the protection of the environment, and the upcycling, recycling and repurposing of your old tires.

And it works. Millions of car, truck and van tires are recycled throughout in Québec only thanks to this program. That’s an amazing feat! You can also find other similar programs elsewhere in Canada.

how exactly do you recycle your tires and take part in this collective effort?

Pst, if you’re not sure whether it’s time to get rid of your tires, check out our blog post on How to know if a tire is still in good condition?

Option 0: Don’t take them to the dump and, especially, never burn them

Please, don’t throw your tires out with the trash. Quebec landfills won’t accept them anyways. With good reason! It takes forever for them to break down and they are toxic in so many ways.

If dumped in a landfill, they may end getting burned, which releases toxic pollution and chemicals into the soil, water and air. When they burn, tires are just as bad for our health as they are for the environment.

It goes without saying that deliberately setting fire to your tires to get rid of them is not a great idea. It’s also illegal! The only options are to recycle or reuse them.

Option 1: Go to your nearest eco-centre, garage or dealership

In Québec, the provincial eco-centres (recycling centres) will take your used tires. Just find the one nearest you. In fact, RECYC-QUÉBEC has created an app, Ça va où?,to help you find your local recycling centre. Just download the app on your smartphone or visit their website.

Your local garage or auto retailer should also accept your old tires. Whether it’s at Point S or any other auto retailer, your expert will dispose of your tires for you for free the next time you go in for a tire change.

Here are the recycling programs by province to help you find locations that will accept your old tires: 

Newfoundland and Labrador :

Prince Edwards Island :

Nova Scotia :

New Brunswick :

Ontario :

Saskatchewan :

British Columbia :

Option 2: Give your tires a second life

When it comes to upcycling your tires, the possibilities are endless. From swings to coffee tables, not to mention chairs, foot rests, flower containers or sandboxes... If you’re the slightest bit handy and enjoy DIY projects, the sky is the limit!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 20 great ideas to reuse those old tires.

And how exactly are tires recycled and reused?

By having your tires recycled, you’re making a huge difference. According to RECYC-QUÉBEC, “around 15 processing businesses have started up since the program was launched, leading to the creation of 450 jobs.”

Used tires provide a tough, solid material that can be used to make very useful objects. For example, according to RECYC-QUÉBEC, tires can be repurposed into a wide range of objects and even fuels:

  • Mats for stables or manufacturing plants
  • Flooring
  • Soundproofing panels
  • Synthetic sports surfaces
  • Anti-vibration pads
  • Solid tires
  • Bumpers
  • Plant containers
  • Mud guards
  • Rubberized asphalt
  • Cement
  • Etc.

In some cases, tires can also be remoulded so they can be used on the road again. It’s important not to confuse remoulded tires (done by a specialized company) and retreaded tires – these can be illegal and dangerous to use. Avoid them!

In short, there are tire recycling programs – it’s easy to use, and it protects our health and that of the environment. Let’s take advantage of it and dispose of our recyclables in an eco-friendly manner.

In summary, if you have used tires,don’t take them to the dump and, especially, never burn them. Instead, choose one of these two options:

  1. Bring them to your nearest eco-centre, garage or dealership
  2. Give them a second life

Don’t hesitate to go to your nearest Point S retailer for all your tire needs.

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