What are the Advantages of Having a Point S Dealer Handle the Storage of your Off-season Tires?

Each of Quebec’s four seasons is unique in character and each comes with its own positive and negative aspects. Seasonal tire changes at the onset of both winter and summer may rank as a troublesome negative for you but there is no getting around them. That being said a question immediately arises: after a seasonal tire change, what do you do with that off-season tire set that you won’t be using for the next six months? The simple fact is that off-season tires do not exactly qualify as a decorative art piece in your living room and they do take up a lot of precious space in your garage or basement. Well Point S has come up with the ideal solution: the storage of your off-season tires in their own warehousing facilities at a low price. See below just a few of the reasons it makes sense to let us store your tires.

  1. 1) Save Time and Money

Have you ever asked yourself the following question? How much time do I waste retrieving the tires from my garage or basement, loading then into my car as if I was playing Tetris while risking to dirty the back seat of the car? All things considered the Point S off-season tire storage service will definitely save you time and money. This is all the more obvious when you factor in the fact that storing away your tires in an inadequate environment can prove quite costly. Dissatisfactory storage conditions can damage tires and wheels and shorten their lifespan, which will require the purchase of new tires sooner than you normally would. Tires must be stored in a cool, dry and dimly lit area, since UV rays and the heat of the sun can dry out the rubber and lead to its deterioration. Tire damage can occur in very cold storage environments as well. The attractiveness of the Point S solution is compounded by the consideration that storage costs are not at all prohibitive; they can vary but usually start at approximately $ 8.95 by tire or some $9.95 by tire mounted on a wheel (according to a price survey conducted by the l’ASPMQ*). To extend tire life, give serious consideration to storing off-season tires in the best conditions possible.

*Quebec Association of Tire and Auto Mechanic Specialists  

  1. 2)  Tire Evaluation

Our specialists can evaluate the wear and the condition of your tires at all times and all the more systematically when your tire storage is handled by the Point S dealer of your choice. These specialists are the most trustworthy to provide the best tips to extend the life expectancy of your tires. Not to mention that your seasonal tire changeover will be that much more agreeable and quick given the fact you will not need to carry cumbersome tires in your car to the garage. These tires will already be waiting for you at your Point S dealership! 

  1. 3)  Safe Handling

Car tires are quite heavy especially if you need to lift them unaided. There are certain risks to handling tires: straining your back, falling in a stairway, or simply ruining a piece of clothing, etc. The beauty of an off-season tire storage service is that Point S specialists will handle your tires safely and you simply do not need to lift a finger!

  1. 4)  Avoid Theft

Unfortunately the theft of tires stored in sheds or home garages can occur in summer or winter. Tires are especially targeted by thieves because they are easily resold. They are also no trouble to steal as they are often put away in improperly secured places. The opposite is true at Point S since your tires benefit from the protection of storage facilities that are fully secured and monitored.

  1. 5)  A Point S Tip

Before storing your tires and wheels, we recommend that you wash the wheels since they tend to accumulate break system dust and road grime that can stain wheels permanently over time.  

For a seasonal tire change that does not put at risk your peace of mind, choose to have your Point S dealer handle the storage of your off-season tires.

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Dry-road traction is a tire's ability to brake effectively and respond well to the steering wheel on dry roads.

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