The New "iON" Tire Range by Hankook

Advancing Performance for High-End Electric Vehicles

Discoer the Hankook's new "iON" tire range, specifically designed for high-end electric vehicles. While the trend in the electric vehicle tire industry has long been focused on energy efficiency and maximum range, Hankook has taken a different direction by emphasizing performance, safety, and comfort. This new range is intended for discerning electric vehicle drivers seeking a sporty and refined driving experience while retaining the environmental advantages of electric technology.

Tires Engineered for Exceptional Performance


High-end electric vehicles are characterized by their powerful motors that generate instant high torque. Tires for these vehicles must be capable of transmitting this power to the road while providing optimal grip for outstanding performance. Hankook has developed these tires using ultra-strong aramid fibers to counteract the deforming forces resulting from the high torque of electric vehicles.

A key feature of these new "iON" tires is their increased load-carrying capacity. This enhanced capacity compensates for the increased weight of electric vehicles, primarily due to the batteries. The tread composition, rich in natural resin, also ensures increased durability and reduced wear. The benefits are manifold, as these tires allow drivers to enjoy a sportier ride while maintaining energy efficiency.

Hankook's "iON" range comprises three tire models, offering sizes ranging from 18 to 22 inches. The "Hankook Ventus iON A" tire is designed for the North American market as an all-season tire.

Qualities and Technologies Tailored for Electric Vehicles

In addition to outstanding performance, Hankook has also paid significant attention to noise reduction. Electric vehicles are often quiet, making road noise more noticeable inside the cabin. Hankook has employed "Sound Absorber" technology in combination with a specific tread design to significantly reduce noise. This technology ensures a quiet and comfortable ride for drivers.

Discover the iON EVO AS

Hankook's "iON" family includes two tire models specifically designed for electric vehicles. The "Hankook iON evo AS" is an all-season tire, ideal for electric sedans and mid-to-large-sized SUVs. It offers exceptional grip on dry and wet roads, as well as in mild winter driving conditions. Thanks to the "EV Contour" technology, this tire enhances the grip of electric vehicles while reducing cabin noise.

Discover the iON i*cept

The second model, the "Hankook iON i*cept," is specially designed as a winter tire to meet the requirements of electric sedans and SUVs. It provides outstanding traction on snow due to a low-temperature-adapted tread compound, offering Canadian drivers exceptional and safe performance in cold and icy conditions. This tire also delivers a quieter ride through various noise-absorbing technologies.

In summary, Hankook's new "iON" tire range focuses on improving performance, safety, and comfort for high-end electric vehicles. Its aim is to optimize the efficiency of electric vehicles for everyday use while providing drivers with a sporty and refined driving experience. Hankook is at the forefront of this continually growing trend, contributing to the future of electric mobility.

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Traction - dry road

Dry-road traction is a tire's ability to brake effectively and respond well to the steering wheel on dry roads.

Traction - wet road

Wet traction is a tire's resistance to hydroplaning and its ability to provide safe driving in wet conditions.

Traction - snowy road

Snow-covered road traction is a tire's ability to operate on partially or completely snow-covered pavement.

Traction - icy road

Ice traction is a tire's ability to operate on partially or completely ice-covered pavement.


Durability refers to how many kilometres a tire can go before it stops performing.


Comfort refers to the ride quality of a tire and the noise it emits on the road.