All about the Michelin Defender2 tire

Did you know that having the right tires can significantly improve your car’s performance and stability? If you’re looking for a reliable model with a longer tread life and unrivalled grip, look no further than the Michelin Defender 2!

Defender 2: A new and improved Defender T+H

The Defender family of tires

The first generation of Michelin’s Defender tire line consists of two models.

Defender LTX M/S

The exceptionally durable Defender LTX M/S is an eco-friendly tire designed primarily for electric vehicles and trucks. Its enhanced tread life is due to several factors, including Michelin’s EverTread technology. On wet roads, its braking distance is 10 metres shorter than other models.

Defender T+H

The Defender T+H is equipped with IntelliSipe technology, which ensures maximum grip in all conditions for quick, confident braking. That means you’re always in control of your vehicle, no matter the weather. In addition, these tires are made with EverTread technology for optimal tread life. They also feature special grooves to prevent hydroplaning in the rain.

Defender 2: Defender T+H 2.0

To provide drivers with even greater safety and stability, Michelin created the Defender 2, a far superior version of the Defender T+H that promises unsurpassed traction. Its wide, deep grooves evacuate water quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing the risk of hydroplaning so that you can drive safely in light snow or rain. It’s also made with Michelin’s exclusive EverTread compound, which has been upgraded to deliver optimal grip.

Michelin Defender 2: The ultimate all-season tire!

Defender 2 features and highlights

The Defender 2 represents a new generation of tires. It combines several essential and extremely practical technologies to meet the many tire needs of modern vehicles. Here are its key features:

Improved EverTread compound

To boost the durability of the Defender 2, Michelin engineered an EverTread 2.0 rubber compound. The new formula is more resistant to wear and abrasion, so you can replace your tires less frequently.

MaxTouch technology for maximum durability

MaxTouch technology gives the Defender 2 outstanding durability. Like the EverTread compound, it helps reduce wear. Both technologies are designed to improve tread life. Since the tire’s contact forces are evenly distributed, you can drive up to 145,000 kilometres without seeing any significant wear.

Optimized tread

The Defender 2 has a more sophisticated tread design that features notches for enhanced grip. Its 3D zigzag pattern not only ensures exceptional handling, but also improves the flexibility of the tire. It’s therefore safe to drive year-round. In addition, it has a more rigid structure, which gives it an even longer lifespan.

Impeccable handling

The Defender 2 allows you to drive safely on wet roads, as the tread pattern—which includes longitudinal grooves—efficiently evacuates water. At the same time, the rigid shoulder blocks provide excellent stability in dry conditions. All in all, this tire is designed to deliver a comfortable driving experience in any season.

For electric cars, the Defender 2 can be a good alternative since it increases their autonomy. That means it gives you more mileage compared to other tire models.


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Traction - dry road

Dry-road traction is a tire's ability to brake effectively and respond well to the steering wheel on dry roads.

Traction - wet road

Wet traction is a tire's resistance to hydroplaning and its ability to provide safe driving in wet conditions.

Traction - snowy road

Snow-covered road traction is a tire's ability to operate on partially or completely snow-covered pavement.

Traction - icy road

Ice traction is a tire's ability to operate on partially or completely ice-covered pavement.


Durability refers to how many kilometres a tire can go before it stops performing.


Comfort refers to the ride quality of a tire and the noise it emits on the road.