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Toyo tires warranties

The Toyo Millenium warranty includes “Workmanship and Materials Warranty” and the “Treadwear Limited Warranty”

Conditions : 

• Toyo warranties apply to Toyo brand Passenger car and Light Truck Tires bearing the Toyo name and complete Tire Identification number (DOT#).

• The warranty benefits are extended only to tires used on the vehicle for which they were originally purchased, operating in non-commercial service and in accordance with normal highway use.

• To be eligible for warranty consideration, the tires must be the correct size and load range for the vehicle according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations or according to the vehicle information placard.

• You have properly maintained and used the tire (see “Important Safety And Maintenance Information” section).

Claim the Toyo Millenium warranty: click here

For all question about the warranty on the Toyo tires, please contact the Toyo customer services at 1-(817) 682-8696


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