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AVID Ascend


Yokohama AVID Ascend Tires

All Season summer


The AVID Ascend is the first mass market tire in the world to include an orange oil compound. This advanced compound provides the optimum balance of extended tread life, all-season performance, superb fuel efficiency and a smaller carbon footprint.""• LONG TREAD LIFE - Adaptive 3D Sipes increase block rigidity for longer, more even wear while promoting wet and winter traction. Comprehensive mileage testing proves the extraordinary longevity of the AVID Ascend.

Features and characteristics

  • Confident all-season performance
    • Asymmetric tread pattern with
    • Advanced features for better summer grip and exceptional water evacuation.
    • Adaptive 3D Sipes change shape as the tread wears down, ensuring all-season traction.
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
    • Optimized Tread Profile enhances rolling resistance while promoting long treadlife.
  • Refined comfort
    • Multi-pitched tread design for a quiet ride.