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performance, composed of an MS 2R rubber and inspired by racing. It is a tire specifically designed for luxury and sports sedans. It is equipped with the latest Yokohama technologies which will give you great maneuverability and grip efficiency on wet and dry ground to guarantee you the best driving sensations at full speed.

Features and characteristics

  • Expert grip in wet and dry
    • MS Compound 2R delivers improved grip for unprecedented performance.
    • Optimized Contact Patch is achieved through a low void-to-tread ratio.
  • Commanding Control and responsive handling.
    • The extrawide shoulder blocks provide constant rubber-to-road contact for improved lateral stability during high speed cornering.
    • Rapid Reflex Twin Ribs add stability and quick steering response.
    • Steel sidewall inserts provide superior handling control and enhance cornering



205/55R16 91V

Product code







    The uniform tire quality grade (UTQG) is based on treadwear (the first three numbers), traction (the middle letter), and temperature (the last letter).

  • Single load index 1356 lbs.

    The single load index indicates the maximum load-carrying capacity of a single tire. The load index is indicated on the sidewall of your tire.

  • Dual load index -

    The dual load index indicates the maximum load-carrying capacity of the tires in dual. The load index is indicated on the sidewall of your tire.

  • Max pressure 51 psi

    The maximum pressure to which a cold tire can be inflated.

  • Tread depth 9"

    The tread is the grooves on the surface of your tire designed to improve the traction. The depth of the tread has a direct impact on how much traction it has.

  • Weight 20.87 lbs

    The weight of the tire, without the rim.

  • Approved rim widths 5.5 - 7.5"

    The minimum and maximum width for rims that can be installed on your tire.

  • Recommended rim width 6.5"

    The rim for which your tire was designed.

  • Section width 7.70"

    The distance between an inflated tire’s sidewalls when on a rim.

  • Tread width 9"

    The width of the tire’s tread.

  • Overall diameter 24.80"

    The diameter of the tire measured from its tread.

  • Tire revs. per km 517

    The number of revolutions the tire will make to cover a kilometre.

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  • 205/50R15 86V 194.99$ per tire See


  • 205/55R16 91V 186.99$ per tire See
  • 225/50R16 92V 215.99$ per tire See


  • 205/50R17 89W 240.99$ per tire See
  • 215/45R17 87W 212.99$ per tire See
  • 225/45R17 91W 236.99$ per tire See
  • 235/40R17 90W 257.99$ per tire See
  • 235/45R17 94W 230.99$ per tire See
  • 245/40R17 91W 269.99$ per tire See
  • 245/45R17 95W 247.99$ per tire See
  • 255/40R17 94W 275.99$ per tire See


  • 215/40R18 XL 89W 267.99$ per tire See
  • 225/40R18 88W 264.99$ per tire See
  • 225/45R18 91W 285.99$ per tire See
  • 235/40R18 91W 290.99$ per tire See
  • 245/40R18 93W 306.99$ per tire See
  • 245/45R18 96W 296.99$ per tire See
  • 255/35R18 90W 332.99$ per tire See
  • 255/40R18 95W 316.99$ per tire See
  • 265/35R18 93W 317.99$ per tire See
  • 265/40R18 XL 101W 355.99$ per tire See
  • 285/30R18 93W 419.99$ per tire See
  • 295/30R18 94W 440.99$ per tire See


  • 225/35R19 XL 88W 323.99$ per tire See
  • 235/35R19 87W 364.99$ per tire See
  • 245/40R19 94W 333.99$ per tire See
  • 255/30R19 XL 91W 358.99$ per tire See
  • 265/30R19 89W 438.99$ per tire See
  • 275/35R19 96W 376.99$ per tire See
  • 295/30R19 XL 100W 455.99$ per tire See

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