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The Michelin PRIMACY 3 is a summer performance tire made as the original tire for luxury sedans such as the BMW 5 and 7 series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A6. Its patented rubber compound allows better grip on wet roads and a more sporty driving. This tire is equipped with Zero Pressure technology, a RunFlat tire which allows it to travel 80 km on the deflated tire. This tire is GREEN XMD certified,which means it’s a tire designed to help you reduce your fuel costs, provide good grip and maintain excellent longevity. It is a tire specially designed for luxury sedans. If you are looking for a tire for your original luxury sedan, this summer performance tire is for you.

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  • 195/55R16 RF 87H 262.99$ per tire See
  • 205/55R16 RF 91H 294.99$ per tire See


  • 205/55R17 91W 320.99$ per tire See
  • 215/55R17 94W 318.99$ per tire See
  • 225/55R17 RF 97W 336.99$ per tire See
  • 225/55ZR17 97Y 293.99$ per tire See
  • 225/55ZR17 97Y 289.99$ per tire See
  • 245/55R17 102W 369.99$ per tire See


  • 225/45ZR18 XL RF 95Y 416.99$ per tire See
  • 225/50R18 95W 328.99$ per tire See
  • 235/55ZR18 104Y 328.99$ per tire See
  • 245/40ZR18 XL RF 97Y 396.99$ per tire See
  • 245/45R18 100W 362.99$ per tire See
  • 245/45ZR18 100Y 362.99$ per tire See
  • 245/45ZR18 96Y 352.99$ per tire See
  • 245/45ZR18 XL 100Y 417.99$ per tire See
  • 245/50R18 100W 452.99$ per tire See
  • 245/50ZR18 RF 100Y 473.99$ per tire See
  • 275/40ZR18 RF 99Y 610.99$ per tire See


  • 245/40ZR19 98Y 453.99$ per tire See
  • 245/40ZR19 XL RF 98Y 532.99$ per tire See
  • 245/40ZR19 XL RF 98Y 559.99$ per tire See
  • 245/45R19 XL 102Y 497.99$ per tire See
  • 245/45ZR19 102Y 472.99$ per tire See
  • 245/45ZR19 RF 98Y 513.99$ per tire See
  • 245/45ZR19 RF 98Y 516.99$ per tire See
  • 275/35ZR19 XL RF 100Y 624.99$ per tire See
  • 275/40ZR19 RF 101Y 553.99$ per tire See
  • 275/40ZR19 RF 101Y 516.99$ per tire See


  • 1. Certain conditions and limitations apply. See Michelin Owner’s Manual for complete description and details.
  • 2. Original Equipment tires are excluded.
  • 3. The consumer is responsible for the cost of all fluids.
  • 4. All MICHELIN®passenger and light truck replacement tires are covered by a limited mileage warranty. Original Equipmenttires starting with 2018 model year vehicles and DOT-approved competition tires (e.g., MICHELIN®PILOT®Sport Cup tires) areexcluded from mileage warranty coverage. Mileage warranties vary by tire line. See your tire retailer or visit formore details on specific mileage warranties, including those for split fitments.

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