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Excellent manipulation and braking forces,accompany you enjoy the peaceful winter.V-shaped pattern ensures outstanding manipulation and braking in snow and ice.Upgraded silica compound makes sure the tread stays soft even in low temperature; it provides first-class safety. Ten studded lines and pin arrayed randomly contribute to the high grip force, skid resistance to sideslip and efficiently decrease noise.4 wide longitudinal main grooves contribute to efficient drainage. Serrated design in the main groove assures high braking force on ice and snow covered surfaces.

Features and characteristics

  • V-shaped pattern
    • Ensures manipulation and braking in snow and ice.
  • Silica compound
    • Keeps tread soft.
    • Providing safety.
  • Studded lines
    • Providing grip force.
    • Keep far away from slip.
  • Four wide grooves
    • Ensures drainage.
    • Providing great braking force on icy road.


45 000 km/T-rated. - “Millennium” warranty: 5 year workmanship and materials warranty.*