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Special tread rubber compound and complex tiny grooves help mantain softness, strong grip,and excellent manipulation of the tire iin cold and snowy weather. Formed with a special silica tread formula, the tire remains soft in low temperatures ensuring stable driving and braking in snowy and icy road conditions. The center rib enables better handling performance at high speeds; multiple blocks and sipes enhance grip and braking ability in snow and ice. From the center Ribs and blocks are gradually-widening lateral that improve self-cleaning/draining abilities while the zigzagged sipes add to the tread's snow cleaning ability. The silica compound helps the tire maintain a low center of gravity to reduce rolling resistance, emissions, and fuel consumption.

Features and characteristics

  • A special silica tread
    • Remains soft in cold climate.
    • Ensures driving and braking in snowy and icy road.
  • Multiple blocks and sipe.
    • Enhance grip and braking.
  • Silica tread compound
    • Maintains gravity.
    • Reduces resistanceand fuel consumption.


40 000 km/T-rated. “Millennium” warranty: 5 year workmanship and materials warranty.*