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g-Force Super Sport A/S


BFGoodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S Tires

Performance summer


All-season* traction from a true ultra high-performance tire.

Features and characteristics

  • Our technologically advanced tire ever
    • The g-Force® Super Sport A/S® combines three distinct rubber compounds for ultimate all-season* traction
  • For those who want the grip to last....for a long time
    • Backed by a 55,000 km Manufacturer's Limited Treadlife Warranty†
  • Tenacious grip in dry and wet
    • Features anti-hydroplaning Aqua Chute channels for the wet and tread blocks designed for true year-round* control
  • Performance never has to take a day off
    • Dry-weather compound in the outer shoulder supported by a stiff sub-tread generates amazing cornering force.
  • Precise placement of aramid fiber directly under the tread provides excellent strength and a consistent footprint with maximized tread contact area
    • PRETEC System™ (PRecision TEnsion Containment System)
  • Generates tremendous cornering force
    • High modulus, profiled, sub-tread layer stabilization
  • Enhanced water evacuation at speed to reduce hydroplaning for confident wet traction even in deep water situations
    • Deep, wide circumferential grooves and radically swept back Aqua Chute lateral grooves
  • Excellent on-center road feel and straight line stability even at high speeds
    • Continuous center rib with rigid tapered lateral voids and tread block reinforcement
  • More sipes per square inch means more traction
    • Maxi-Sipe Technology


55,000 km Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty.†