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Commercial T/A Traction


BFGoodrich Commercial T/A Traction Tires



The BFGoodrich® Commercial TM T/A® TRACTION offers exceptional traction to power a truck through the most demanding roads and conditions, including most on-and off-road situations.

Features and characteristics

  • Aggressive tread design
    • Serious on- and off-road drive-axle traction for demanding roads and conditions
  • Two steel belts
    • Stiffer tread for better steering response, cornering, and traction plus improved bruise and puncture resistance
  • Increasing biting edge™ and deep lateral grooves
    • Excellent severe weather traction
  • Molded for studs
    • Ice traction can be further enhanced by adding studs (size #16 studs, where permitted by law)
  • Coolwedge™ shoulder insert
    • Increased tread life. Keeps tires running cooler under tough conditions
  • Optimized footprint
    • Improved stress distribution and increased average tread life