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Advantage T/A


BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Tires

All Season summer


Offers an upgraded grip and a smooth, long-lasting ride for an awesome everyday drive.

Features and characteristics

  • Experience real driving excitement for up to 120,000 kilometres*
    • Strong, limited tread life warranty
  • Provides the excellent all-weather bite and responsive handling that enthusiasts demand
    • New g-Grip™ interlocking sipe technology and an all-season tread compound
  • Designed to provide maximum water evacuation
    • Deep, wide circumferential grooves
  • Provides excellent strength and maintains maximum tread contact, even in high-speed conditions**
    • ETEC System™ (Equal TEnsion Containment System) filament reinforcement
  • Reinforcement where it counts for a comfortable ride and crisp handling
    • G-Wedge™ sidewall stabilizer (H/V series only) and rigid shoulder blocks
  • Offers ease of maintenance and increased tread life
    • Non-directional tread pattern