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Get up to a $40-Visa gift card of when you buy a set of 4 selected GT Radial tires

We offer the best tires in the country that meet the highest quality standards. We are also proud to be an official GT Radial dealer in Canada. Original invoices (or copies) issued by our dealers qualify for GT Radial rebates.

Information about the promotion

Promotional period: March 20th to May 15th, 2019*

Offer valid with the purchase of 4 new selected tires.

Product eligible for a $70 Visa gift card

  • GitiComfort 229 All Seasons RFT
  • GitiComfort 288 UHP Summer RFT
  • GitiComfort p80 UHP Summer RFT

Product eligible for a $50 Visa gift card

  • Champiro HPY
  • Champiro UHP AS
  • Champiro SX2
  • Champiro VP1
  • Champiro Touring AS
  • Maxtour
  • Maxtour All Season
  • Maxtour LX
  • Savero HT2
  • Savero SUV
  • Adventuro M/T
  • Adventuro AT3
  • Adventure AT-AW

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*Offer valid on purchases made during the promotional period. We are not responsible for mail-in rebates offered by manufacturers.