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Pirelli tires warranties

Pirelli Confidence Plus ProgramTM

Select Pirelli tires are covered by a 30 day trial period. At any time during the 30 day period if you are not satisfied with any of the qualifying lines listed below, the set of four tires with the original sales receipt may be returned to the authorized Pirelli dealer from which they were purchased and may be exchanged for a set of Pirelli tires for equal or lesser value.

Tire lines which qualify for Pirelli Confidence Plus Program:

Cinturato P7TM All Season Plus

P4TM Four Seasons Plus

P ZeroTM All Season Plus

Scorpion VerdeTM All Season Plus

Scorpion TM Zero All Season Plus

ScorpionTM All Terrain Plus

Refer to for details regarding terms and conditions of the Pirelli Confidence Plus Program.

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  1. Limited Treadwear Warranty for Replacement Tires Only

In addition to the above workmanship and materials warranty PTI also warrants to the original consumer purchaser only, that the tread life of Cinturato P3000TM, P4 Four Seasons, P4 Four Seasons Plus, Cinturato P5TM, P6TM Four Seasons Plus, Cinturato P7 All Season Plus, P Zero All Season Plus, P Zero NeroTM All Season, Scorpion Zero All Season Plus, Scorpion ATR, Scorpion STR, Scorpion All Terrain Plus and Scorpion Verde All Season

Plus replacement street legal tires which are supplied by PTI either directly or through an authorized Pirelli dealer, will have treadwear warranty coverage for the described vehicle odometer kilometers from the point of original retail purchase. The authorized Pirelli Dealer will determine the replacement tire cost by multiplying the percentage of the mileage obtained by the current dealer selling price.

The PTI Treadwear Mileage Warranty Conditions:

- You are the original purchaser of the tires and have a copy of the original invoice showing the application mileage.

- You are the owner of the vehicle on which the tires were originally installed.

- The tires are Replacement tires (The PTI Treadwear Mileage Warranty does not apply to Original Equipment tires).

- You have had the tires rotated every 8,000 to 11,000 kilometers.

- The tires are worn evenly across the tread, down to the treadwear indicator (2/32”) at which time they are considered to be 100% worn out. There cannot be more than a 2/32” tread depth difference across the tire.

- Your servicing Pirelli Dealer has completed the Tire Rotation Record.

- PTI Mileage Warranty does not apply to Original Equipment fitments.

- Passenger and P-Metric Light Truck tires are not covered for mileage when used on commercial vehicles or in commercial applications.

- Mileage warranty does not apply to Euro-metric tires purchased before July 1, 2011.

- For vehicles equipped with staggered size fitments (different tire sizes front and rear), the mileage warranty for the rear tires will be 50% of the stated mileage warranty for that line.

- Run Flat tires will have a mileage warranty of 50% of the stated mileage warranty for that line, not to exceed 50,000 kilometers, whichever is lower.

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Tire Line


Cinturato P3000

135 000

P4 Four Seasons T

135 000

P4 Four Seasons H

105 000

P4 Four Seasons Plus T

145 000

P4 Four Seasons Plus H

110 000

Cinturato P5 T

135 000

Cinturato P5 H

105 000

P6 Four Seasons Plus

75 000

Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

110 000

P Zero Nero All Season

75 000

P Zero All Season Plus

80 000

Scorpion ATR

80 000

Scorpion STR

100 000

Scorpion All Terrain Plus 

80 000

Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

105 000

Scorpion Verde All Season

See below

Scorpion Verde All Season Mileage Warranty

- All Scorpion Verde All Season tires produced in the year 2013 will be eligible for 80,000 kilometers limited treadwear warranty for H and V rated, and 100,000 kilometers limited treadwear for T rated.

- All Scorpion Verde All Season tires produced after the year 2013 are not eligible for mileage warranty coverage.

Download here the Pirelli warranties PDF document.

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