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Wheel balancing service

Wheel balance refers to the condition in which a tire and wheel turn, their combined weight being evenly spread. An out-of-balance tire-wheel assembly produces wobbling of the wheels, or shimmying, vibrations in the seat, floor or steering column. These vibrations can shake the vehicle to the extent that parts come loose and get damaged. Improper balance also results in premature wear of the tires, increases fuel consumption and directly affects the vehicle's handling. It can furthermore cause damage to the vehicle's suspension besides unnecessary fatigue for the driver.

Point S recommendations

  • Wheel balancing should be performed every 20,000 km as well as each time a tire is repaired, replaced or that a new tire is installed.
  • Furthermore, whenever vibrations are felt in the handling or uneven wear of the tires is noticed, it is wise to have the wheel alignment and balance checked. 

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