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Shocks and suspension inspection service

Shocks are parts designed to push the wheels toward the ground to ensure tire adherence with the road. When worn out, these parts can increase the vehicle's stopping distance and reduce fuel economy.

The suspension system maintains your vehicle firmly on the road. Its components contribute to proper car handling and ensure your comfort. The suspension also guarantees safe braking distances.

Advantages of having shocks in proper working condition:

  • Important safety factor;
  • Good contact between the tires and pavement;
  • Smooth drive;
  • Extended tire life.

Point S recommendations :

  • Shocks: Normal service lifespan for shocks, struts and bearings, is approximately 80 000km. For your security and that of your passengers, we recommend you have these parts inspected as soon as your odometer reaches this mileage.
  • Suspension: We recommend a visual inspection of your suspension components be conducted on an annual basis. This practice will ensure premature wear is prevented because when components of the suspension system are worn, the service lifespan of other parts is also compromised.

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