Which are the best 2023 winter tires for pick-up trucks?

Why use winter tires?

Even though we haven’t pulled our winter boots out yet, the days are getting shorter and the air is getting chillier. Winter will be here soon, bringing harsh driving conditions. It’s time to start thinking about checking your winter tires and getting new ones if needed since wet, icy and snowy roads are not something you want to take a gamble on.

We’ve made a list of the top 5 winter tires for pick-up to help you with your research. Each tire on the list is designed for our harsh winters (snow, ice, water). And remember: the best way to stay safe is to drive safely and carefully!

Top 5 best winter tires for your pick-up truck

Photo de profil du pneu d'hiver Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV


The Michelin X-ICE SNOW SUV tires are highly effective on the road, providing exceptional driving comfort and safety specially designed for SUVs.

This SUV tire offers excellent grip on snow and ice, resulting in shorter braking distances for confident winter driving. Its innovative design efficiently evacuates snow and water, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

It's the ideal tire if you're looking for a premium and durable option for your SUV, combining performance and longevity.

Notable features:

  • Excellent grip on snow and ice
  • Optimized driving comfort for SUVs
  • Longevity for increased durability

Price Starting at $227,99

 Photo de profil du pneu d'hiver Goodyear Wintercommand Ultra


The Goodyear Wintercommand and Wintercommand Ultra tires are designed to contend with all kinds of different driving conditions. Snow has nothing on them!

These tires provide enhanced flexibility in cold weather during our harsh winters. Their zigzag sipes provide exceptional handling, making for safer turning.

Their V-Tred Technology also provides excellent water and snow evacuation. And the best part? You get the option to add studs for even better traction (Wintercommand model only).

Notable features:

  • Excellent traction in winter conditions
  • Good handling
  • Longevity and good durability

Price Starting at $142,99


Photo de profil du pneu d'hiver Toyo Observe GSI 6 LS


Le pneu Toyo OBSERVE GSI-6 LS est conçu pour offrir une performance exceptionnelle dans les conditions hivernales les plus exigeantes.

The Toyo OBSERVE GSI-6 LS tire is designed to deliver outstanding performance in the most demanding winter conditions.

Thanks to an advanced rubber compound, including high levels of silica and a high-grip polymer, this tire maintains its flexibility in cold weather while enhancing traction on wet roads.

This advanced technology ensures optimal grip not only on snow and mud but also on ice and cold wet roads. The directional tread pattern, with staggered blocks, optimizes traction and road holding while reducing road noise for increased driving comfort.

Notable features:

  • Exceptional grip in cold and wet conditions
  • Improved stability and maneuverability
  • Superior traction in extreme winter conditions

Price Starting at $192,99


Photo de profil du pneu d'hiver Hankook WinterCommand Ultra


The Hankook i*Pike X tire is an exceptional choice for pick-up trucks in winter, offering extreme grip in the rigorous northern winter conditions. Its innovative ice slit design technology ensures excellent ice traction, enhancing safety on slippery roads.

Moreover, the numerous stud pins maximize ice traction, allowing you to stay in control. The claw edges on each side of the tread improve snow traction performance, while the step-down design increases the friction surface and edges for better grip on snowy roads.

The UHT belt technology strengthens the tire's structure, providing better handling and cornering performance, even at high speeds. Lastly, its increased durability and puncture resistance make it a reliable choice for winter adventures with your pick-up.

Notable features:

  • Innovative technology for ice splitting
  • Maximization of ice traction
  • Improved snow traction performance

Price Starting at $139,99


Photo de profil du pneu d'hiver Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw


The Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw tire is specially designed for SUVs and pickups, providing exceptional grip in the most extreme winter conditions. These tires are engineered to tackle snow and ice with extra traction and can even be studded for extreme ice grip.

These tires literally 'claw' through ice and snow. They have undergone rigorous testing in various snowy regions around the world, proving their ability to conquer the toughest winter conditions.

Thanks to Snow-Groove™ technology, these tires trap snow for better traction, handling, and braking capability. They are designed with numerous sipes on the tread to allow the rubber to flex and bite into ice and snow, ensuring optimal control.

Furthermore, these tires are specially designed to accommodate additional studs, further enhancing stability and control on ice.

Notable features:

  • Extra traction in snow and ice
  • Versatility with the option to add studs
  • Snow-Groove™ technology for improved traction

Price Starting at $197.99


Psst... It’s still early, but start thinking about booking your tire change appointment. Garages get incredibly busy at this time of year and your SUV or light truck has to have its winter tires on by December 1. Mark your schedules!

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Dry-road traction is a tire's ability to brake effectively and respond well to the steering wheel on dry roads.

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