The New WinterStar ST Winter Tires for Road Safety

In winter sunny and rainy days can come in close succession, and it can snow any time. Because of such fast-changing winter weather conditions, trustworthy winter tires are a priority for safe driving. Better not to underestimate what Mother Nature can throw our way.

The Auto Insurer Group (AIG) estimates that some 30% of the accidents surpassing the average number of claims can be attributed to wintry weather and hazardous road conditions. This being the case, two considerations come into play when interpreting these statistics. First, the human factor alone goes a long way in explaining a large number of accidents; second, the type of tire mounted on a vehicle that can make a huge difference on how a driver will deal with difficult weather conditions.


The fact is even a highly skilled driver will feel handcuffed if his vehicle is equipped with tires that are not equal to the road conditions he is up against. For example, a regular tire’s performance decreases significantly when temperatures drop below 7°C, regardless of the surface driven on. Hence the importance of choosing winter tires that are suited to snow-covered roads !  



The Winterstar ST : Quality and Safety at the Right Price


Given the above, at Point S we have developed the Winterstar ST (studdable tire) adapted to winter driving. This tire is rated a category T2, which means it is pegged a quality superior to average, the scale ranging from T1 (first-class) to T4. What is the main objective of this tire? Offer safety at a reasonable price. The fact is that almost all winter tires with a performance level equivalent to the Winterstar ST are more expensive. Manufactured in Germany, the Winterstar family vehicle tire ensures an optimal level of safety, while maintaining an excellent quality/price ratio.

Its preeminent durability and outstanding road grip also make of the Winterstar tire a really wise choice, especially for urban driving. Introduced on the market in the fall of 2017, the Winterstar convinced tire specialists and won over the confidence of drivers immediately persuaded by its performance.

 “The Point S Winterstar tire is remarkably durable. It’s a very smart choice for drivers doing most of their mileage in an urban environment, since it really stands on roads that are snow-covered or rendered slippery by slush. The Point S Winterstar presents an exemplary grip and stands out on the market for its attractive quality/price ratio.

Our confidence in the Winterstar ST is such that we have mounted this tire on the vehicles of a major fleet and its performance was nothing short of top-notch. We have also equipped some of our courtesy vehicles with the Winterstar ST to ensure the safety of our customers.” Yves, tire specialist at the Point S dealership in Montreal.

By banking on this tire you are committing to safety at a reasonable price, especially so given the current Point S promotion.




The Key Characteristics of the Winterstar ST Tire


Image title


Let’s now have a closer look at the characteristics of the Winterstar ST at the core of its stellar performance.

Large number of sipes : For most Canadian provinces winter is synonymous with significant snowfalls. Now snow may be great for kids to play in, but drivers mostly find that it makes roads treacherous. To ensure the stability of your vehicle and the safety of your passengers, a reliable winter tire must have a large number of sipes to perform in snow. Indeed this tread feature is one of the main reasons behind the optimal traction and excellent braking characteristics of the Winterstar ST.


Tread design and large central groove : While snow can complicate vehicle handling, winter driving also includes dry road surface conditions. Largely due to its large central groove, the tire remains stable and firm, regardless of road conditions.


Groove design (holes) : Some tires can be rendered disagreeably noisy due to tread groove sequence and design. The Winterstar tread concept was revisited and is now a lot less noisy while providing great traction on ice.


The studded option: If you are looking for a drive of a truly unmatched level of safety, go for the studded option. Although fitting studs to the Winterstar ST is optional, it does increase considerably road grip and reduce tire wear. What’s more, the studs of the Winterstar ST have been remodelled and optimized using computer-design capabilities to upgrade handling and road safety.



A Performance-oriented Tire Designed to Ensure the Safety of your Family



The characteristics of the Winterstar make it a superior quality tire for a more enjoyable ride on snowy and icy roads, as well on wet and dry surfaces. However, it goes without saying that our prevailing interest at Point S, above any other consideration, is your safety and the protection of your family. Adapted to the family sedan as well as the SUV, this tire is an excellent choice if your overriding concern is the comfort and safety of your family.



This winter leave driving stress behind and put your trust in Winterstar ST tires available exclusively at all Point S dealers. Our current offer: purchase three Winterstar tires and get the fourth one free !


Find you Winterstar ST tire size



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