There’s Hot Weather Coming: Check your Car’s Air Conditioning!

For certain people, air conditioning has become a necessity both at home and in the car. During the periods of high heat that can occur during the summer months, your vehicle’s air conditioning system must be functional and safe. Neglecting your air conditioning can cause it to malfunction, but can also cause internal damage that can be very expensive to repair. Discover the importance of regular check-ups and maintenance in order to save in the long-term.

Why should I maintain my air conditioning?

There are many things hidden behind that button. To make your air conditioning work, a team of equipment and parts comes into action simultaneously.

Six elements are essential for the air conditioning to work in your vehicle:

  • The Capacitor transforms the refrigerant from gas to liquid and evacuates the heat
  • The Compressor compresses the refrigerant
  • The Refrigerant (R-134a) is used to transport heat and must not be manipulated without authorization
  • The Regulator measures and controls the pressure of the liquid
  • The evaporator carries the heat towards the refrigerant
  • The dehydrator is used to remove impurities and separate the humidity contained in the R-134a fluid

It is important to have your vehicle checked for leaks, damages, or malfunctions in order to avoid large reparation and installation costs. Keep this in mind, as the price for a complete reparation ranges between 500$ and 2 500$ according to the model of the car.

How Can I check if my Air Conditioning System is Working Properly?

Several signs can indicate that your vehicle’s air conditioning is malfunctioning. Here are a few that could help with your analysis:

1. The cold air does not appear as quickly as before with the same outside temperature.

  • Cause: it could be due to the cabin filter being stuck or a lack of refrigerant. It could also be caused by a defect in the compressor (150$ to 600$ to change, before installation fees).

2. There is a strange smell when you turn on the air conditioning.

  • Cause: odors are not all linked to the same problem. Here are three possibilities that could explain the bad smell:
  • A leak in the tubes or conduits. The R-134a (refrigerant) is toxic; this problem must be resolved quickly. Do not turn on your air conditioning until the problem is fixed.
  • An accumulation of humidity. Let your air conditioning run for around 5 minutes. If there is no change, have your vehicle checked.
  • Germs, dirt, and impurities are also elements that can get stuck on the filter and cause a bad smell.

3. There is a strange sound under the hood when the air conditioning is running.

  • Cause: One or more parts are defective. In any case, if you hear a strange sound, a creaking, or any other unexplainable sound, make an appointment quickly with your Point S expert.

4. Your gas consumption is unusually high.

  • The maintenance of your air conditioning has a positive impact on your general gas consumption.
  • According to the size and condition of the vehicle, it can increase by half a liter per 100km. With a defective system, this number could increase by a few dollars at the pump.

When Should I Check my Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System?

1. Check you air conditioning system: every year

  • In good maintenance practices you can do it during your annual general check-up. It should ideally be carried out before the summer period where the weather is hot.

2. Recharge the refrigerant circuit: every two years

  • Like the oil, the R-134a liquid must be changed or checked in order to optimize the vehicle’s air conditioning system.  A lack of fluid can also damage the compressor.

3. Change the dehydrator filter: every four years

  • The dehydrator filter must be changed in order to avoid a buildup that could have a negative impact on the circuit’s operation.

What are the advantages of checking your vehicle’s air conditioning system?

1. You will avoid big costs that can occur at a bad time.

  • As you have seen, the cost of an element such as the compressor can be up to 700$ before installation fees.

2. You will respect the environment by consuming gas in an optimal way.

  • A healthy system will not only save you money on maintenance, but also on gas.

3. By maintaining your circuit rigorously, your resale price will be higher.

  • Most people are looking for a vehicle in good condition that has been checked and maintained during its lifespan.

Who should I see for this service?

Not all mechanics have the necessary equipment to check and maintain your vehicle’s air conditioning system. A Point S expert will be able to offer you this service at a lower cost and much more quickly. You will have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is working correctly and safely.

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