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The New WinterStar ST Winter Tires for Road Safety

Given the rather unpredictable nature of winter weather nowadays, road safety has become a priority for travellers like never before. It can be sunny one day and rainy the next, with heavy snow coming at any time. It’s never a good idea to underestimate what Mother Nature can throw our way.  

According to statistics published by the Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) (Auto Insurers’ Group), some 30% of accidents above the average of normal driving days can be attributed to wintry weather and poor road conditions. In fact, two factors weigh more heavily on these numbers: the human factor alone is a cause of accidents resulting in severe vehicle damage and an equally crucial consideration is the quality of tires that equip a vehicle in support of the driver’s best efforts when weather conditions become really difficult.

Even an expert driver will be unable to avoid trouble if his vehicle is not equipped with tires especially adapted to the environment. For example, a normal passenger car tire in weather colder than 7°C loses effectiveness regardless of the road surface. Hence the importance of having your vehicle equipped with tires adapted to winter driving.

The WinterStar ST, Safety at a Great Price and With Excellent Quality

At Point S we have developed a WinterStar ST tire (studdable tire). This tire is rated category T2, which means that it offers a quality superior to the average, the scale ranging from T1 (best quality) to T4. This tire’s main objective is in fact to provide road safety at a reasonable price. Indeed the vast majority of winter tires offering measures of performance equivalent to the WinterStar ST are more expensive.

Let’s now have a look at the characteristics of the WinterStar ST that makes it a performance tire.

Large Number of Sipes

For the majority of Canadian provinces snow is definitely a road safety issue. Snow may be natural and kids do like to play in it, but it’s mostly a headache for car drivers. To ensure your car grips the road and your passengers stay safe, an effective tire must have a sufficient number of sipes for optimal handling on snowy roads. Sipes provide a high performance grip and excellent braking.

Tread and Wide Tire Block

Although snow makes driving hazardous, performance on dry road conditions also needs to be taken into account. The tire’s characteristics must ensure stability and precise handling on all surfaces.

Tread Sequence (Grooving)

Some tires tend to be annoyingly noisy due to tread and groove configurations. By redrawing the tire tread design, the WinterStar succeeded in dampening noise while offering enhanced traction on ice.

The Tire Studding Option

For the safest handling possible consider fitting studs to your tires. Although optional, studding significantly increases road grip and reduces premature tire wear. In addition, the WinterStar ST studs have been redesigned and computer-optimized for unparalleled handling and road safety.

An enhanced Road Safety Tire for You and your Family

Manufactured in Germany, the WinterStar ST family tire ensures unmatched road safety while offering an excellent quality/price ratio. Adapted for the sedan as well as the SUV, this tire is an excellent choice to ensure the safety of your family.

Lastly the WinterStar ST tire is exclusively available at all Point S dealers. This superior quality product takes the stress out winter driving by offering great traction on snow, ice, as well as on wet or dry surfaces. Yet the number one consideration that is closest to our heart is the safety of both you and your family. This winter take to the road without stressing out. Trust in the high performance of WinterStar ST tires.

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